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Caption Slider

The Caption Slider is a WebsiteBaker snippet combined with an Admin Tool that allows you to create a fading banner image with a sliding caption as seen in the top part of this website.

The admin tool is used to manage your banners and caption messages. It will enable you to create multiple banner groups, with their own properties like height and width.

The snippet is inserted in your template in the position of your "normal" logo or image.

Read the help page to get more details on how the snippet and admintool are used.

The Caption Slider uses the jQuery Library (included in WbsiteBaker since version 2.8) and creates Valid XHTML (strict) output.



Please note

This is an old module that was created in 2009!

There is a good chance this module will not work on current or future WebsiteBaker versions anymore.

There is a much more simple and better solution available now.

Please have a look at the MiniSlider module.


If you still want to use this module, please click on [close] and continue on this website.